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payments thru Paypal

Paypal deposits/ or payments below


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Deposits are non refundable. Please check how much of a deposit is required on each puppy as may vary depending on the price of a puppy. Please contact me before making a deposit to assure the puppy is still available and then after making your deposit, to let me know you have put down the deposit, so I can take the puppy off the market. 


Deposit/ Payments towards a puppy


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Partial payments (for those making payments toward a puppy)


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

At times we have clients who want to make payments toward a puppy as they grow.  This button is to assist with those lower payments.  Payments can be made in $100.00  portions. If you need / want to make a larger payment such as $200.00 you will need to go in twice, 


Abby; AKC Champion

 Deposits are required to hold puppies until they are ready to leave our home. 

Deposits can range but 50% of the cost of the puppy is a normal deposit.  

 Why do we require a deposit?

Often times, we have potential buyers for our puppies before they are ready to leave our home. Unfortunately, I have been holding a puppy in the past for someone who tells us they are interested in a puppy, we pull it off the market and then have been told they will send a deposit later or never hear from them again. This prevents others from buying the puppy and leave us in limbo as to whether you want the puppy or not.We realize that travel is not always easy and mailing a deposit is much easier, therefore you will see "pending deposit" on some of our puppies. We encourage the use of Paypal as it is quick and easy and you can use any major credit card or debit card with Paypal   It is anticipated that deposits will be received within a few days when using Paypal of selecting a puppy (mail does take longer). If using Paypal to pay all cost on puppies, after the first $100.00 (deposit) there is a 3.5% cost we are charged by Paypal that is added to cost of the puppy (we will pay that 1st charge on the $100, then after request the surcharge that Paypal charges
Paying for puppies. We have just added paypal to make it easier for you to send your deposit, and to make payments if desired and for you to keep track of payments and not worrying if the check made it to us. If necessary we will accept a personal check for the deposit only (as it will have time to clear the bank)You can also make payments on your puppy through paypal as the puppy is growing and waiting for the puppy to get old enough to leave our home.Related to amount of fraud occurring (sorry, but I am receiving many fraud/ scams on text wanting to buy puppies)If you do text, I must be able to call you back  to verify that you would be a responsible owner, money orders, certified checks must be verified as legitimate before the puppy will be released.  Upon picking up a puppy, we will accept cash only (no personal checks on delivery).