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Frequesntly Asked Questions


Deposits/ 1st night in new home

 Q: Is a deposit required to secure a puppy?

A: Yes.A  deposit is required. It is making a statement to the seller that you intend to purchase a puppy. This deposit is please be certain you want a puppy before placing a deposit. The puppy is pulled off the market and then cost us extra to re-advertise and sell. If a check is written, the check must clear the bank prior to the puppy leaving our home. I will accept certified checks or money orders if you do not feel comfortable paying in cash (I must be able to verify they are legitimate before I will release the puppy as I have been having several calls involving a fraud scandal)


Q: I brought my puppy home and he cried the first night. Is something wrong?

A: No, this is a common way for a puppy to react the first couple nights away from his litter. He/She grew up with other siblings and in our home so they naturally are used to their surroundings. Your new home will soon be their enviroment that they will recognize. When you pick up your puppy we supply a small blanket that we have rubbed the scent of the mother on, this will ease your puppy and also make a great bedding tool. A few stuffed toys to cuddle with/ maybe an ticking clock sometimes also helps. Do not move the puppy to a secluded area such as a basement if he cries/ it will make matter worse/ if he will not sleep in the area you designated such as the kitchen/ move your small cage to a room where he can hear someone breathing. Potty him/ pet him and tell him it is ok/ close the cage and turn off the lights/ if he whines/ tell him no.. in a deep by quite voice (do not yell at him) and try to remain quite. He should settled down fairly quickly. We often allow the puppy to run (after toileting) for about 1/2 hour, so he will naturally be tired and want to go to sleep.

If he awakens during the night toilet him, then place him back immediately in the cage/ turn off the lights and go back to sleep. Do not play with him in the middle of the night (unless you plan to do so the rest of your life as you have created a habit). Some people will buy the disposable pads for during the night (versus going outside) Puppies have a tendency to tinkle right away, so instead place the puppy on the pad, allow to tinkle, praise him and then back to the kennel.

Vet check and Vaccinations/ coats and Colars

 Q: Will my puppy be vet checked?

A: Yes, in an effort to maintain quality puppies we vet check our puppies before they go to their new homes. We also recommend making an appointment with your local vet, within 3 days of puppies arrival.

Q: Will my puppy have had shots (vaccinations) when I take it home?A: Yes. The puppy will have had one set of shots (Vaccination). We also give the kennel cough vaccination prior to the puppy leaving the home. I usually also take a stool sample to the vets to check for worms or other types of parasites that are common in puppies. To insure a healthy puppy the purchaser will need to have more puppy shots done at their local vet along with a rabies vaccination.


Q: I have seen some pictures with Shih Tzu's having long hair, and others have been cut short. What is the style that I should keep our dog in?

  A: This honestly is a personal choice. However know ahead of time the long hair is HARD work. It will take daily brushing and huge amounts of time. Typically most people tend to go for the shorter cut unless they are trying to enter the dog show world. I will say that my adult dogs vary from a short cut to a longer cut depending on season and time. Keep in mind long hair needs to be washed more frequently (weekly) and if you find any mats they need to be removed immediately, so they do not become a major problem


Q: My last dog had dew claws on his/her toes that were hard to maintain. Will our new puppy also have dew claws?

A: As a breeder we try to remove all dew claws at an early age on our puppies. This will help new owners to not have to worry about extra nails to keep trimmed that can become tangled in hair. Please play with your dogs feet, so they will not be afraid when you attempt to cut their nails. Nail should be clipped frequently to prevent any types of injury to you or the dog.

Q: Will my puppy stay the color it is as a puppy?

A: This is a tougher question because it depends on the dog and its orginal color. Shih Tzu's come in a multitude of colors and often thru the pedigree you will see several different colors . Shih Tzu our one of the hardest to predict as they can change colors.

If you buy a pure black they typically stay fully black. Look for variations in the coat. Variations can occur such as silver coloring coming out on the coat.Some blacks can even look like a calico coat as they may have several colors mixed in their coats.

*The same can be said for a white puppy, maybe it looks 100% white, however, maybe your white had a light sable brown on its ears that was barely noticeable, this may darken or it may fade completely.

*The brindels are a great example of color change, they start out with a black mask and medium-dark brown coat. As times goes on though that brown coat will typically (not always) fade to a lighter brown sometimes golden brown or lighter. The black mask may turn a lighter blackish/ brown.  So, we can only predict a color from our experience and past litters. It can be hard to determine whether your puppy will stay "exactly" the same color. We do our best in anticipating the color your dog will be as an adult.

 an example  Autumn was a dark brown and white as a puppy. She turned out as a light brownish cream as an adult


: In early pictures my puppy doesn't have a black nose, its white and brown with spots is there something wrong?

A: No, all pups are born with a light nose. By the time they are 8 -12 weeks the nose usually will be black and have a "leathery" look to it. Sometimes white dogs however do not get the full black nose, this is not unusual and should not be alarming. Maltese are a good example, they  are often slow for the pigment to show up and black points on the feet can take 3-4 months before the feet pads actually are black. One color of dog that does not end up ever having a black nose is a liver and white which end up with a brown leathery nose. Keep in mind the liver color is often mixed within the different generation, so there is always a possibly of a lighter colored nose at times. Both of these are AKC standards.

House breaking


Q: Will my puppy be housebroken?

A: Upon leaving your puppy will not be house broken. We do take our litters outside to try to help train them, however this can in no way guarantee that they will be potty trained upon arrival at their new homes.

Q: How do I potty train my puppy?A: First and foremost purchase a dog kennel. This will be a safe haven for your puppy and a place to leave them when unattended. Also puppies have smaller bladders, so they require being taken to their designated areas about every 60 minutes. As they grow and you get a feel for how long they can go, you will be able to increase the amount of time before they need to go out again. Also only use short commands for they to recognize such as "Go potty" and stick to the same phrase...they learn quickly. praise immediately after a job well done.

Litter box training or the Indoor potty mat : I have not personally litter box trained, but have had some new owner do so successfully, but it does awhile for the dog to learn this. I was told that they place the dog in the box often (esp if during the night) and then praise when they go. They may or may not go at first, so keep this in mind, but have been told to just keep trying. It does take some effort and doing so several times. you would do the same as any other potty training. We do have pads down in our home in specific places which our dogs do use when we are not home. You can also buy washable pads to cut down on cost . (I double wash them and bleach to sanitize) We do put our dogs outdoors though and is our preferred choice.

Feeding my puppy

 Q: What kind of food should I purchase?

A: We recommend brands that are good sources of protein and the right nutrients. We currently use the Wellness brand  (available on-line and shipped directly to your home). We realize that buying on-line may not be the easiest way for many people to purchase their dog food and we give sample of the dog food when you purchase a puppy. We have found that this brand is holistic and has cut down dramatically on tear staining. However, we also recommend Science Diet, IAMS, Fromm: Lamb and Rice.,Purina One,: lamb and rice:  choices for the puppies. Please look at what is in the dog food and if corn is mention as one of the first ingredients, it would not be one of our first choices. Look for food that are Lamb and rice/ chicken and rice (can be brown rice) as the puppies tend to do better. Choosing the right food is essential because it builds strong bones, and a happier dog.

Verifying a Good breeder/ Are Shih Tzu Aggressive


Q: Where can I verify that the puppies have come from a good home?

A: We are highly recommended by the Alpine Animal Hospital here in Gaylord, Michigan. When considering purchasing your puppy please call them at (989)732-6427. Just mention the Yarrington puppies and anyone of them will be able to fill you in on the parents and previous puppies and their health records. We also recommend Alpine Animal Hospital as our vet of choice. They have met all our needs throughout the years and have always been there when an emergency has occurred.


Q: Will my puppy be aggressive or mean to children?

A: One of things we love about this breed is their temperament. They are great with all ages from kids to grandparents. We personally have never had a problem with the dogs personalities as they were raised with love. That being said any animal at anytime can become aggressive if threatened or mistreated. So please observe how people are treating your animals. It is important to socialize your puppy. This means, take him for walks. Allow others to pet (when you have a few vaccination on board) him, so that he is use to others, take him on car rides, etc... If he is around a child, do not allow a child to be mean to him. It is not ok for a child to pull the dogs hair. If this happens, stop the child, ask the child to sit down and show the child how to pet the animal. If a child (or adult) is aggressive towards your dog remove your dog from the situation even if this means you must pick up and hold your dog. It is ok to tell others how you feel when they disrespect your dog.

Can you ship and how old to come to their new home


Q Will you ship a puppy?

A. I am not over fond of shipping puppies, but will if needed. Shipping is expensive and often runs about $450.00 or more. I would need to verify the actual cost before shipping to assure prices have not gone up. Not only is their additional cost for the shipping, but very specific health certificates, additional set of vaccines, crate cost, and traveling cost.  As the breed is a short nosed breed, and the airlines that accept this breed are limited. I have used American Airlines to ship from and receive in the past. The weather has to be just right (not to cold or hot in both where I ship from and where the destination is) The puppy also needs to be a little older  (preferably 12 weeks old ) depending on the actually size of the puppy. This also gives time for a second puppy shot before shipping. Please consider all other options before requesting the puppy be shipped as this trip can be stressful on a puppy.

Q: When will our puppy be ready to go home with us?A: We will not release our puppies until they are 9-12 weeks old. This is to ensure they are eating right and also have had their first shot and vet check. We also recommend that before we release them your schedule allows for you to be home the day of their arrival (at least most of day). This will ensure the puppy settles in better.